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High School: Ohio State Champ Comes to Aid of Fellow Runner Yet Some Belittle Act

At first, I debated on whether to write a piece on Meghan Vogel’s act of character where she took it upon herself to help an exhausted runner, one near collapse, finish in the 3200 meter Ohio state meet race. She actually put the girl’s arm around her shoulders, supporting her weight, and nearly dragged her... Read more »

High School: Controversial Call in Massachusetts State Championship High School Football Game Changes Outcome

Usually, when I see some sort of sports controversy in the news, especially when it is accompanied by a video and full explanation of the dispute, I immediately know where I stand. And typically, my opinion is formulated, in large part, by the “rules” set forth for the game or sport being played. Along with a... Read more »

Video Demonstration of a "True Champion"

My coauthor, Daveda Lamont, sent me the link to this youtube video depicting what she felt exemplifies many of the principles discussed in our forthcoming book Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Athletic Excellence From the Inside Out. I wholeheartedly agree! Dustin Carter truly demonstrates an awe inspiring commitment to becoming the best he can be.... Read more »