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High School: Best College Softball Player’s Olympic Dream Gone, She Must Move On

The article, Ashley Hansen set to give up softball, on espn.go.com was a tough one for me to read. Her statistics (something I will let you get from the article), along with her attitude and character as described in the piece, all seem to be most impressive. It says a lot to be considered “one... Read more »

Good Sportsmanship Is Demonstrated Through The "Character" Of One's Choices

In the aftermath of Masson Holland’s physical abuse of the basketball referee highlighted here, Unsportsmanlike Behavior At Its Absolute Worst In A Florida High School Basketball Game, and my recent posts on steroid and performance-enhancement substances, I am inclined to bring something a little more positive to the table. This particular story, one of ultimate... Read more »

Encouraging Positives In High School Sports: Morning Sentinel (Waterville, Main)

In the Morning Sentinel’s (Waterville, Main) article, Respect drives high school sports by staff writer Gary Hawkins, I fully expected a piece focused on the importance of “respect” in high school sports. With a title like that, this would be the most logical conclusion. However, Gary takes it a step further through some solid, and... Read more »

Title IX: Boston Globe Piece Supports Positives For Girls (And Boys) In Sports

Many argue, myself included (The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation), that there are great benefits for those who participate in competitive sports as they grow up. Further, that these benefits not only center on healthy physical, mental/emotional, and social development, but go beyond the athletic field by creating successful attitudes and providing life lessons... Read more »

Good Sportsmanship through Character - A MUST SEE!!!

In today’s sports environment where poor character choices (cheating, promiscuity, unsportsmanlike conduct, steroid and recreational drug use, etc.), even outright illegal behavior, have become commonplace, garnering a major chunk of media focus, it is gratifying to know that there are still some higher level athletes who truly do understand “what it’s all about.” Not that... Read more »