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Elite Level Club Soccer Axes Player Opportunity For High School Play

About two years ago (actually March 7, 2010), I wrote a piece titled Club or High School Sports: Why do I have to choose?. In it I discussed the trend of some club and high school coaches (programs) pressuring athletes to play their sport for them exclusively. I drew a distinction between:  (A) a coach... Read more »

Sports: The Day My Daughter's Sports Life Took a Terrible Turn

It was a long drive to the WAGS soccer tournament out in the Washington D.C. area back in the Fall of 2001. My oldest daughter had just come off of a solid high school soccer season, as a freshman on varsity, along with a successful prior summer camp experience with her club team out in... Read more »

Washington Post Hits On Youth Soccer Trend To Play Club (Academy) Over High School

Follow @KirkMango   A recent article in the Washington Post (U.S. youth soccer: Is it best to play in high school, or on an academy team?) does a nice job of demonstrating the current dilemma in youth soccer as elite level clubs (soccer academies) put pressure on their high-school-age players to commit exclusively to their... Read more »

Former Downers Grove South Soccer Player Hits Chicago Fire Tryouts

In the Fall of 2004 Downers Grove South High School soccer standout Andrew Lichaj helped his team, and head coach Jon Stapleton, come away with the coveted IHSA boys soccer State Championship. That was a good year for DGS soccer, as it was also a good year for Andrew. The kind of year that lasting... Read more »

Parent Files Restraining Order For Needham H.S. Soccer Player's Suspended State Tournament

It seems some craziness is afoot in the town of Needham, Massachusetts, as approximately ten girls from the varsity soccer program were suspended from playing in the state series, as well as from school. What was the reason for the suspension? A HAZING INCIDENT!!! Normally, the term “hazing” conjures up some pretty serious thoughts about... Read more »

Part II: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

Continued support for Matt’s inferences in Part I, his questioning of the perception that inborn talent is the master of success rather than “years of practice,” comes from a variety of places. He details a “ground-breaking investigation of British musicians,” top level players who learned at very similar rates of improvement as their lower level... Read more »

Part I: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

For a long time now, probably since graduating high school, I have been a firm believer in the idea that high levels of success in sports are much more related to the amount of proper focus and effort one consistently brings to their training table, rather than the supposed inborn talent possessed. This would, of... Read more »

Great Sports Training Segment On Tony Fiorino's "Let Them Play," AM 1230 WFAS In New York

This Sunday at 8:00 a.m. central standard time (9:00 a.m. eastern), there’s a great opportunity for all coaches and parents of athletes who play soccer. I would additionally include coaches and parents of any athlete who are concerned about proper training and injury prevention, since it is likely there will be a good deal of crossover... Read more »

Difference Between Training and Working Out, Something The Best Athletes Know!!!

  Being a physical education teacher, and former coach, at a prominent high school in the suburbs (an area surrounded by highly successful athletes and programs) gives me ample opportunity for contact with coaches who truly understand the “path” toward success. Regardless of what sport they coach, I consistently find beneficial pieces within their rhetoric... Read more »

Government Regulation of Youth Sports: Is it Time???

A recent article at Channel 2, Ohio considers regulating youth sports, reported that the state of Ohio, and its athletic officials, believe it’s time for the regulation of outside school youth sports. Their thoughts center on youth sports having grown into a “monster,” a “$5 billion… industry” (The Columbus Dispatch), bringing with it issues... Read more »