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Part 3: Specialization in Youth Sports, Good or Bad?

Finishing up our focus on specialization, another factor that athletes (and their parents) need to keep in mind is that different sports can and do bring different circumstances into the mix. There are sports that tend to have a genuine overlap between them (more so in some than in others) and because of this overlap... Read more »

Part 2: Specialization in Youth Sports, Good or Bad?

I suppose the best answer to this question of specialization in sports (and I know I might get some grief for this) is that there really is no best or right answer, at least no right answer for everyone and every situation. There are just too many variables in order for one answer to truly... Read more »

Part 1: Specialization in Youth Sports, Good or Bad?

Just over two years ago I wrote an article on the growing trend of athletes specializing in only one sport. It is something that had its beginnings somewhere in the late 70’s, gaining increasing popularity and athletes’ interest as each decade passed. The question at hand is: Is the centralized focus of athletes like swimming... Read more »