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Olympics: Olympic Badminton Competitors Demonstrate How NOT to be a True Champion

Seriously…I had to do a double take on the headline, Olympic badminton teams disqualified for throwing matches. This is so contrary to sport, I am not sure where to start. For those of you not aware, according to the vast information available, four badminton teams were disqualified from the Olympic Games for throwing matches, including... Read more »

Process Over Outcome: Has America Forgotten?

The first half of this post’s title references something I truly support and encourage in students and student athletes as a high school educator and former coach. However, as the second half of the title implies, it is also something I believe is starting to become a rare comodity these days. What I would like to do here is... Read more »

A Time For Change

In the wake of Tiger Woods’ indiscretions, the airing of his apology, Mark McGwire’s recent coming clean about his steroid use, as well as a host of other poor character behavior, I can’t help but reflect on how this past decade has inevitably changed the view of many regarding the values taught through competitive sports... Read more »