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Freelance Writer and ESPN.com Contributor Patrick Hruby "Un-Vilifies" HGH Use, but Misses the Point

In a recent interview in ESPN’s The Magazine, an unnamed NFL player dubbed “Player X”–apparently an accomplished NFL athlete–lays claim to the idea that 40 percent of NFL athletes are using HGH to enhance their performance. As a statistic, this does seem a likely possibility, especially with the physical nature of football and with what... Read more »

Elite / Professional / Olympic Athletes And Steroids Go Back A Ways

All the current news devoted to MLB players Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriquez, Tour de France riders Floyd Landis and (alleged drug user) Lance Armstrong, and rookie NFL player Brian Cushing, would seem to indicate that steroid and performance-enhancing drug usage is a more recent phenomena. At least that is what one might think based... Read more »

WARNING: All Baseball Cheaters Using HGH - Your Time Has Come!!!

Great news coming from the U.S. edition of Reuters.com (the latest news from around the world) for all honest, ethical, hard working, intrinsically-driven major league ball players – an improved new test for human growth hormone (HGH) is just around the corner. The article on Reuters, Improved doping test for growth hormone on its way,... Read more »

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, and the rest: Are They Truly Hall of Fame Material?

In this Sunday’s PARADE section of the Chicago Tribune, the article Do Steroid Users Have a Place in the Hall of Fame? raises a question that holds some heated debate within a variety of sports venues, something it will do for some time to come. PARADE.com even has an online poll, asked from a different... Read more »