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Have We Truly Lost Perspective In Our Sports And Youth Sports Culture: Poll

I refer a lot to the loss of perspective, at least that I see, in sports today on my blog here at ChicagoNow. It does seem that barely a week goes by without hearing at least a few stories that involve poor character choices by athletes, unscrupulous, exploitive behavior by someone involved in sports, unsportsmanlike... Read more »

Pro Before Pro, Following The Dollars Into High Profile Amateur Sports

One of the big news stories in amateur sports this past fall focused on the Cam Newton scandal and that $180,000 his father allegedly requested from Mississippi State for Cam’s commitment there. The idea of using a child’s athletic talents for one’s own personal gain certainly smells of exploitation, something frowned upon by most. As... Read more »

Really, Steroids and PED's Is "More About Weakness Than Strength" - ???

Ebenezer Samuel’s suggestion, in his piece Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs can be more about weakness than strength on, that the use of these substances is a way for pro athletes to ward off possible physical consequences from their athletic careers seems a little perplexing. As much as I might like to be more... Read more »

Pro, College, High School Sports: A "What If?" for Coaches And Their Athletes

Pro, College, High School Sports: A "What If?" for Coaches And Their Athletes
Pam Brooks Whether in professional, college, or high school sports, everyone seems to be looking for an edge over their competition. This current approach has led some to travel a path where winning, fame, and fortune become ultimate goals with little thought to one’s character, integrity, and future health consequences along the way. Well, what... Read more »