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You Get What You Reward

In my second year as the Boys’ Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep Academy we are in the process of trying to establish a particular kind of culture and were having some trouble getting certain players to commit to things we felt were important. Some of this was the players not understanding yet, some was parental... Read more »

High School Sports: Two Foundational Traits That Support Athletic Goal Achievement

When asked what aspects are necessary in order to achieve difficult athletic goals, many athletes will answer with things like “discipline,” “commitment,” “working hard,” “dedication,” even “perseverance.” And there is no debate that these pieces are certainly necessary components to have if athletes want to be very good, or successful. However, there are a couple... Read more »

High School: Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness, Plus One, Makes Ten

That first half of the title above, Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness (Part I, Part II), comes from a two-part piece I did last summer for Weplay Moms. Its purpose was to help identify some of the important characteristics athletes need in order to reach some level of athletic excellence, or championship form. I... Read more »

High School: Process Over Outcome, Has America Forgotten?

Full Disclosure: This article is a re-post of a piece I did back in June 4, 2009 (and moved to my ChicagoNow blog on March 3rd, 2010) for my personal blog. I thought it timely as it is still something I see continuing in 2012 and beyond.   The first half of this post’s title... Read more »

High School Sports: Four Must Have, Less Discussed Coaching Practices To Add To Your Coaching Playbook

Ever ask yourself why some coaches just seem to have a knack for developing talent to a greater degree than others? How some are able to garner so much respect from their athletes, that those athletes will do just about anything to reach team and individual goals? Or why a select few coaches are able... Read more »

“Becoming a True Champion” Forthcoming Book Cover Preview, Rowman & Littlefield (2012)

What has it been now? Seven, maybe eight years since I made that semi-life altering decision, that final leap into putting down on paper what I saw as helpful, developmental measures to a sports and youth sports culture gone off track. More specifically, a motivational teaching tool that just might help with what I felt... Read more »

Benefits of Competitive Sports Not Always Clear-cut, “The Intangibles”

Skill improvement, teamwork, work ethic, exercise; all aspects that come to mind when one is asked what benefits young athletes gain from a healthy experience in competitive sports. Other common thoughts (especially from coaches) include the learning experience gained from the sense of commitment one must have to accomplish team goals, and the determination, perseverance,... Read more »

New York Mets Jose Reyes Sets “Perfect” Example

Does that title catch your attention? Help give you some incentive to click on the link and see what the heck I might be talking about?  Were you thinking, “C’mon, after what just happened, Jose Reyes perfect example, really?” If that was your thought, and it is part of the reason you are reading this,... Read more »

Athletic Talent or Strong Work Ethic, Where Parents Should Place Emphasis

The importance of parental influence over their children’s attitudes (and thus, their possible success) regarding what they can accomplish, athletic or otherwise, should never be underestimated. That is the principle topic in my recent article, Don’t Underestimate The Power of Parenting for Weplay’s Parenthood section, Expert Advice for Sports Parents. A timely piece encouraging positive parental support, you won’t want... Read more »

ATHLETES: Closing The Gap Between Where They Are & Where They Want To Be

Why is it that some athletes are able to improve their abilities, moving ever closer and closer to the goals they set, while others tend to stagnate, seeming to forever stay distant from what they want to achieve? Is there something special the former knows that the latter doesn’t; a viewpoint that puts the successful... Read more »