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NFL Looking To Make HGH Testing Part of the "DEAL"

As reported by Alex Marvez at, it looks as if the NFL is moving toward a more comprehensive approach to leveling the playing field when dealing with performance-enhancing drug use. Their proposed agreement supports testing of players for HGH, a test that is only accomplishable through blood analysis. In the past, the players’ union... Read more »

Should Baseball Bar "Steroid Cheats" From Cooperstown Hall Of Fame: The Poll!!!

The above title represents a popular question on the lips of many a baseball fan. Should they or shouldn’t they, let’s see how ChicagoNow visitors feel about that.  poll by

Chilly Forecast For Baseball's Hall of Fame Town, Cooperstown

It sure is cold in Chicagoland this time of year, downright frigid. Just imagine if that “chilly” feeling extended its grip all the way into summer, and not based on climate but on economic possibilities for your city or town, even with some positive signs that the recession is starting to turn. Such is the... Read more »

Patriot Ledger Takes A "Steroid" Testing Poll: Should High School Athletes Be Tested For Steroids?

Connected to a recent presentation at Quincy High School (Massachusetts) titled Quincy students given a lesson on dangers of steroids, the put out a poll asking; Should High School athletes be tested for steroids? So should they??? Tough question. In short, I would say YES!!! As long as three things occur: 1. It is random... Read more »