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Coaching: Organized Functional Training, A Format for Athletic Success

REPOST from May 8, 2010 If you are an athlete wanting to become better, more successful, maybe even of state or national caliber, you will likely find a multitude of things, or pieces of the puzzle, that need to be addressed in order to reach the level of attainment you are seeking. It can become... Read more »

Youth Sports: Tommy John Surgery Next Elective Performance Enhancement…Say What???

So the pendulum continues to swing in the WRONG direction. That is certainly my take on the report from FoxNews.com, Tommy John surgery: The next student steroid? Seriously…are people (student athletes, and possibly some parents) that misinformed and misguided? I suppose so. Take a look at this quote from the referenced piece above: “In a... Read more »

Sports: “Legal” Performance Enhancement that Stanford Says is Better than Steroids

Some argue that human genetic athletic potential is nearing its peak. That, without allowing the use of chemical enhancements, improvements in athletic performance will need to be measured in thousandths of a second (or more) to see any difference, if they are to occur at all. Of course, one could argue it is not the... Read more »

Lance Armstrong: Was He Using or Wasn’t He? Expert Seems to Think so as Does the USADA

If my memory serves me correct, I think I’ve only written one piece on the case against Lance Armstrong and his alleged use of PED’s. Those who read my blog, and know my stand on the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances (and why I have that stance), are probably wondering why I have not taken... Read more »

Part II - Olympics: 2012 London Games Bring out the “We Should Legalize Steroids and PED’s” Discussion…AGAIN!!!

Continuing our discussion on why legalizing PED use at the upper level of sports is not such a good idea (Part I here), there are a few other aspects that we must address. Without doing so would leave the conversation incomplete, rendering it much less valuable. Sports Environment The legalization of performance-enhancing drugs would drastically... Read more »

Part I - Olympics: 2012 London Games Bring out the “We Should Legalize Steroids and PED’s” Discussion…AGAIN!!!

As was expected, the London Olympics has again brought to the surface the continued debate over what to do about performance-enhancement drugs in sports. I can’t count the number of articles I have come across the past couple of weeks where the author of those pieces supports simply legalizing and monitoring them, and be done... Read more »

High School Sports: WARNING – High School AthletesTake Note of What You Consume!!!

In my younger days as an athlete, I could walk into any store and purchase just about anything to eat or drink without concern. Even if I was looking to improve my diet (make it more nutritionally sound), it was unlikely I would have to concern myself too much with what the actual ingredients were.... Read more »

Future of Illegal Performance Enhancement is Likely Super Hi-Tech Through DNA

Athlete:  Hey, do you have anything new that will give me an edge over the competition in the upcoming Olympics next year? I need something different, better than what everyone else is using to catch up. Scientist:  Well…there is this DNA manipulating IGF-1 stuff that has been known to increase strength threefold in mice. It... Read more »

Steroids: Thoughts on Ryan Braun’s Suspension Being Overturned

As I read through the multitude of reports on Ryan Braun’s positive test for PED’s, and the recent overturning of his suspension, I seem to come away with more questions than answers, the most important being: What is the truth? With all the talk of due process in this case, of the technicality that led... Read more »

MMA’s Rosi Sexton Tells it Like it is in MMA Regarding Steroids and PED’s

“When I saw the news on twitter last night [‘Cyborg’ Santos positive drug test], I felt a little like a ten year old whose parents have just admitted that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. A tiny bit disappointed, but mostly relieved that now we can all stop pretending.” Man, I like this girl. Similar to the... Read more »