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Opinion Poll: Illegal Performance-Enhancement and “Life Time” Ban

In my last piece, Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use:  Yes or No?, I raised several questions regarding a life time ban from Olympic competition for proven illegal performance-enhancement, along with its philosophical ramifications at the professional, college, and even high school levels. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. poll by twiigs.com poll by... Read more »

Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use: Yes or No?

An article in theguardian, Why drug cheats should not get a second chance at the Olympics, prompted a short but intriguing discussion in my office the other day, an office full of former athletes and current coaches. At the center of the discussion was the premise behind the title of that aforementioned article, should athletes... Read more »

MMA Light Heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski Talks PED’s

Over this last summer I have highlighted several pieces on illegal performance-enhancements in sports, including the very popular sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In several of those articles I discuss the idea that if someone in power really wanted to make a difference in the use of PED’s, they would do more random testing... Read more »

Conflicting Viewpoints on Steroids Clash at Boston.com

Follow @KirkMango In Neal Gabler’s article, The real trouble with steroids, Neal equates the use of PED’s to other legal performance-enhancement practices like “improved nutrition, weight-training, vitamins and other dietary supplements, even aspirin have all been used approvingly,” calling them “similar athletic aids.” He goes on to infer that science will someday bring safer, better... Read more »

NFL Testing For HGH

Follow @KirkMango The recent article in the New York Times, N.F.L. Says Drug Testing Will Be Rigorous and Frequent, was somewhat refreshing. I use the term “refreshing” based on the title and its initial implications, and the term “somewhat” because of what is detailed in the article. In a nutshell, the piece describes the new,... Read more »

British Drug Maker, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), To Help World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

In a recent Reuters article, GSK signs deal with sport’s World Anti-Doping Agency, Kate Kelland highlights the agreement between WADA and GlaxoSmithKline that allows GSK to “supply WADA with confidential information about medicines in early stage development that may be abused by athletes once licensed…” What this does is allow WADA to develop testing methods... Read more »

WADA Taking It To Athletes With More Extensive PED Testing

In January of 2011 I highlighted an article from The Salt Lake City Tribune that detailed WADA’s idea of putting pressure on athletes to refrain from the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances by initiating more stringent and proactive testing for the 2012 London Olympics. It appears that they were not mixing words as Reuters confirmed... Read more »

Pro and College Athletes Seeking Advantage Through Nutrition Rather Than Drugs

Follow @KirkMango When perusing a variety of media sources looking for new developments or different topics on sports, it is not that often I come across positive ways to improve an athlete’s abilities. The current state of affairs in sports regarding performance enhancement has most commentaries discussing the illegal use of steroids, HGH, and other... Read more »

Manny Pacquiao And Shane Mosley Declared Clean???

Follow @KirkMango   DOGHOUSEBOXING.COM reported in their piece, Drug Test Results for Manny Pacquiao & Shane Mosley made public, that NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) executive director Keith Kizer declared the Mosley/Pacquiao fight to be “clean.” This claim albeit based on the negative results for any banned substances from two fight-night urine tests and prior... Read more »

Stem Cells Plus HGH Could Change Sports Landscape Forever

Follow @KirkMango If you go to the ChicagoNow homepage  and type Steroids, Performance-Enhancement in their search box, you will find (based on what pops up) that I spend a good deal of time reflecting, writing, and offering my thoughts on the use of illegal performance-enhancement as a means to succeed in sports. In addition, perusing... Read more »