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Personal Ownership and Responsibility for Creating Athletic Success: Part 1

In order to best explain what I mean by the individual athlete taking personal ownership and responsibility for creating athletic success, let me develop an analogy that might help demonstrate this concept and the choices/options that go along with it. Let’s say that a male athlete wants to become a very good volleyball player. He... Read more »

Coming From The Athlete's Perspective

Photo courtesy of Frank Angileri Whether demonstrated through government policies, or just interwoven through our current American culture as a whole, there seems to be a certain sense of entitlement that’s developed, gaining a little more strength as each decade passes. It is an attitude that consistently questions what it is others can, and/or should,... Read more »

Things Your Kids Didn't Learn in School And Our Current Sports Environment

In perusing the internet, talking to colleagues, and sharing information from within the teaching and coaching profession, I come across interesting bits and pieces of information that force reflection. One such piece was recently emailed to me by a colleague and it is one I have seen circulate on the internet from several different sources.... Read more »