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Make No Mistake, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Not Playing Around―Saints Penalized Harshly

So how many of you saw the movie “Thor” last year? Remember that enormous mallet Thor carried around with him devastating anything and anyone he swung at. Well, it appears NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has one of those babies, and it looks like he is not  afraid to use it. He swung that sucker down... Read more »

Saints Bounty on NFL Players Creates Quite a Stir: Suspensions, Fines, Loss of Draft Picks Possible

The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching (CEYC) is very much up in arms over the recent purported “bounty” [reward] system for injuring opponents, associated with some of the New Orleans Saints players and coach Gregg Williams. A PRWeb.com article (The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching Calls for Ban on NFL Coaches Who Set Bounties for... Read more »