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Olympics: It’s Not a Silver Lining for “All” After the London Games!!!

I watched Rock Center with Brian Williams last Thursday night with great anticipation. Their piece on what happens to Olympic athletes after the games had special interest for me as I was curious to see how they would handle the topic. Would it be all about the glamor and glitz (and money) awaiting athletes like Michael Phelps,... Read more »

Olympics: Will America Make a Splash in London, 2012?

For me, the anticipation is growing. There is nothing like an Olympic year in sports, whether winter or summer. You know what I mean if any of you reading this experienced seeing the 1980 winter Olympic U.S. hockey team’s Gold Medal win after defeating Russia (by far the best hockey team on the planet at the... Read more »

Four Attributes That Lead To Athletic Greatness

Many of us have gone to, or seen, sporting events where the better players, the ones who stand out head and shoulders above the rest (Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLIV are good examples, Michael Phelps would be another), all seem to have something in common with each other. That they, for... Read more »