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“42”—The Jackie Robinson Story, More Than One Message for Today’s Athletes

I absolutely love inspirational stories, especially when they lead to positive and needed change. I just can’t get enough of them. The recently released movie “42” is just such a story as it depicts the tale of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. An athlete of immense ability, Jackie is brought... Read more »

Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers Celebrates Baseball's Non-Steroid Users: The Older Generation

Follow @kirkmango Long time Chicago Tribune major league baseball writer, Phil Rogers, takes time to feature two of baseball’s “good guys,” Jim Thome and Derek Jeter, in his piece at Using a Pete Rose inscribed baseball that says “Hits — 4256. Steroids – 0” for support, Phil states:  “We’re about to hit the daily... Read more »

Bad Call Is Sad End To Detroit Tigers Pitcher Armando Galarraga's "Perfect" Game

As a former gymnast, I am no stranger to the imperfections of “judging” what should happen, according to the rules, in an athletic competition. It is part and parcel of the subjectivity of the gymnastics arena, as well as in just about any sport you can imagine. I mean life is not always going to... Read more »