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High School: J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation Making a Difference

I recently had the honor and privilege of being a part of the selection committee to help choose our high school representatives (two sophomore boys and two sophomore girls) for the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation (JKB). As a second-year member of this committee, it never ceases to amaze me the quality and high caliber... Read more »

Whether In Sports, School, Community, Country, Or Life Itself: "IT" Starts Within

I just thought this was nice and wanted to share it. Sure makes you think what is possible.   No words I can say could put it much better.

Rate My Prose on Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews & Leadership

Rate My Prose on Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews & Leadership
I was recently introduced to the idea (and neat little internet gizmo from of creating voting polls for blog posts – thanks, James and Jimmy. Some of you may be familiar with these polls, but me – not so much; at least not as an independent entity that you can create yourself, and then... Read more »

Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews Knows Leadership

The “River” of Leadership Like a river, strong leadership moves ever forwardregardless of what might lie in its path Whether sand, rock, or imposing mountain; water always finds its way It can be forceful or subtle, yet,strikingly relentless and ever present Never giving in – never giving up,wearing away whatever resistance it may encounter Taking... Read more »