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Lawrence Taylor, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, A-Rod; Asks The Question: "Does Sport Participation Build Character?"

In a recent article, Does Sport Participation Build Character?, written by Rob Haworth, Assistant Superintendent of Valparaiso Community Schools, Mr. Haworth raises some pretty thought-provoking questions regarding character building: Did sports participation build the character of the professional football player who funded a dog fighting ring? Did sports participation build the character of the high... Read more »

Floyd Landis, Tiger Woods, Lawrence Taylor, Alex Rodriquez, Etc.: A "Tough" Life!!!

As a high school physical education teacher (former athlete and coach) at a prominent high school in the suburbs, I have the wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and debate thoughts with those of similar background. These are individuals in charge of, or involved in (at one time or another), successful high school athletic programs; some... Read more »

Tiger Woods Move Over: Ben Roethlisberger & Lawrence Taylor Take Personal Character To An All Time Low

Ok, let me make sure I have all of this right. First we have golf’s premiere player Tiger Woods taking advantage of his star power, and admitted feelings of entitlement, in order to “cheat” on his wife; and not once or twice but numerous times with numerous women. (Something I detailed extensively in my piece... Read more »