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A Sports Story of Character and Integrity

Before I highlight the purpose behind my title…I would like to share with you a true story from my teaching career that demonstrates an all too common thought process these days. One in opposition to the inference my heading implies. On one warm spring day, a good ten plus years ago, I was walking in... Read more »

Olympics: Blatant Cheating and Winning at the London Olympics Does Not Make a Champion!!!

In Karen Crouse’s recent article, Shades of Gray on Way to Podium, Karen discusses the limits to which athletes will go to “win;” in this case—cheating on the rules of the game. Using various known examples occurring in London  (from the disqualification of badminton teams to a purposeful cycling crash, and even extra dolphin kicks... Read more »

Olympics: Olympic Badminton Competitors Demonstrate How NOT to be a True Champion

Seriously…I had to do a double take on the headline, Olympic badminton teams disqualified for throwing matches. This is so contrary to sport, I am not sure where to start. For those of you not aware, according to the vast information available, four badminton teams were disqualified from the Olympic Games for throwing matches, including... Read more »

High School: Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones Has No Qualms With Her Virginity

Whether it is the recent release of my book (Becoming a True Champion), the topics I cover on my blog, or my tendency to stand firm on ideas and thoughts I have on certain issues, I do tend to attract conversation regarding controversial and/or semi-controversial topics. Sometimes they just seem to find me, and this... Read more »

London Paralympics: Cheating to Gain an Edge Can Take Many Forms – Unbelievable!!!

As I shake my head in disbelief, I find it difficult to even process the details found in the recent article, Fake Handicaps a Growing Problem for Disabled Sports, from Spiegel Online International, let alone put my thoughts into words. Just reading the title turns my stomach. I mean, really!!! It is bad enough that... Read more »

High School: A Definition of True Success That Builds From the Inside Out

Back in December of 2009, after a conversation I had with one of my kids, I was contemplating the idea of what true or real success is. A definition, so to speak, that would help give clarification to the term. I mean everyone has their own personal definition of what success is to them, right? However, in today’s... Read more »

High School: College and College Bound Athletes Better Mind Their P’s & Q’s on Twitter, Facebook…

And to think that when I was in high school, the new big thing was calculators (ok, you under 40 crowd, stop laughing). Man, have things changed; and changed a lot. Heck, when we wanted to send someone a message, a note, we wrote it down on a piece of notebook paper, folded it up... Read more »

High School: J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation Making a Difference

I recently had the honor and privilege of being a part of the selection committee to help choose our high school representatives (two sophomore boys and two sophomore girls) for the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation (JKB). As a second-year member of this committee, it never ceases to amaze me the quality and high caliber... Read more »


The “Post-Game Handshake” has come under a lot of fire recently due to some confrontations, poor acts of sportsmanship, disrespect, or simply the percieved lack of sincerity in the process. Some organizations and leagues have discussed and/or actually eliminated the practice. A nice discussion started on Twitter after my friend @ClarenceGaines2 shared that @CoachFinamore had... Read more »

Recent Trend at UCLA Basketball Represents What Happens When “Winning” Becomes The Only Goal

After reading the recent article in Sports Illustrated, Special Report: Not the UCLA Way (at sportsillustrated.cnn.com), along with comments from UCLA Chancellor Gene Block and Athletic Director Dan Guerrero in the UCLA Newsroom (here), I come away with even more conviction in the foundational importance that solid character brings to the competitive table. It seems... Read more »