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There is a really popular series of commercials promoting some of the best features of the AT&T Cellular Network where a man is sitting in an elementary school library asking young children if it is better to be Bigger or Smaller? Fast or Slow? More or Less?  Better or Worse? Out of the mouths of... Read more »

Sports: The Sports Doctor Interview Revisited

If you missed host Dr. Weil and myself discussing Becoming a True Champion on The Sports Doctor radio show in the Chicago Area last Thursday you are welcome to listen to the show in its entirety by clicking the mp3 link below. We discuss a variety of sports topics and how the book relates... Read more »

Title IX and High School Sports in the News

A recent article in the SportsTribune (Battle over high school girls sports participation levels far from over) brings to light a brewing issue regarding Title IX and high school sports. It is claimed in the piece that the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has charged “12 school districts throughout the country – including locales in... Read more »

Youth Sports Culture Mimics MLB: Unsportsmanlike Conduct Rears Its Ugly Head In Gurnee, Illinois!!!

Last Monday’s Daily Herald article, Fixing the ugly side of youth sports, gives a picture of the loss of perspective in sports and youth sports I consistently emphasize in many of my pieces. Ne’er a week goes by where there isn’t something in the media (steroids, cheating, fighting, Illicit/Illegal behavior, etc.) that doesn’t support this.... Read more »

Another High School Athletic Program Toughens Code Surrounding Athletes, Alcohol & Drugs

It appears my two articles, Current High School Athletic Codes: Are You Aware They Have Changed? and Teens, Athletes, Parents, and Drinking: What’s a Parent To Do?, have come to life in Connecticut where local news reports on similar issues in their piece, Stonington proposal tightens athlete alcohol, drug policy. Stonington High School is... Read more »

Coach Tony on AM 1230 WFAS in New York to Discuss "No-Cut" Policies in School Sports: Chicagoland, Express Your Thoughts!!!

Mark your calendars this Sunday (July 18th) at 8:00 a.m. as “important radio show” so you can listen in online to Coach Tony as he discusses “No-Cut” policies as an absolute in school sports. Here’s your chance to call in, as he is taking callers, and express your views on this hot topic. Should all... Read more »

Not World Cup But Tempers Flare At 9 Yr. Old Youth Soccer Game: DON'T MISS THIS STORY & RADIO SHOW

Yes, skirmishes between adults do occur at prestigious events like the World Cup, however, ever hear of a fist fight breaking out at a youth sporting event? Well, that is exactly what happened this past weekend at a girls youth soccer game. When parental emotions run high during competitive events involving their own kids, volatile... Read more »

Current High School Athletic Codes: Are You Aware They Have Changed?

I am not sure about all of you, but back in my high school athletic days, I remember our athletic code focusing on a few basic points. You know, passing a certain number of classes, not smoking, drinking, and/or using drugs, showing good sportsmanship, etc. Basically, not engaging in behavior that was unbecoming an athlete... Read more »

Club or High School Sports: Why do I have to choose?

It is only recently, within the last decade or so, that some high-school-age athletes are making the choice to play their favorite sport exclusively for their club team, forgoing the experience of high school competition altogether. The purpose behind this centers on the idea that training offered through a club atmosphere is needed in order... Read more »