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I love using that as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Easy to say, looks good on a locker room wall, but hard to achieve. It has to start with breeding togetherness that builds the trust we previously discussed. At a Positive Coaching Alliance event titled “Insights from Experts” Westmont University Head... Read more »

Henry Jackson High School (Washington) Cheerleaders Suspended For Hazing

Follow @KirkMango   Recently reported at, Henry Jackson High School Cheerleaders were suspended for “conducting initiation rituals in violation [of] the district’s athletic code.” These suspensions were due to what was called “hazing” type behavior which included making newer squad members “wear diapers,” shooting “them with squirt guns” and hitting “them with hot dogs.”... Read more »

Parent Files Restraining Order For Needham H.S. Soccer Player's Suspended State Tournament

It seems some craziness is afoot in the town of Needham, Massachusetts, as approximately ten girls from the varsity soccer program were suspended from playing in the state series, as well as from school. What was the reason for the suspension? A HAZING INCIDENT!!! Normally, the term “hazing” conjures up some pretty serious thoughts about... Read more »