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Inspiration: What We Do “Does” Have Impact for Others; You Just Never Know!!!

This past week I was pleasantly surprised, and humbled, to open an email from a former gymnast named Bob, someone five years behind me in school and who competed the same event I was most passionate about (still rings). What I found most encouraging, and rewarding, about his email was how much an interview I... Read more »

Olympics: The Gymnastics Amanar Vault Heard Around the World

The anticipation was inspiring, truly unrelenting. If the excitement was a sound, it would have been deafening. Rarely a moment went by where NBC commentator Tim Daggett (Olympic Gold Medalist) didn’t refer to McKayla Maroney’s vault as far and away the “best” at the London Olympics. And who could argue with that, right? As a... Read more »

Olympics: Gymnastics is Unforgiving, But Arbitrary Rules Should Not a Champion Make!!!

Two contrasting stories, one right up my alley because of the adversity she faced and the opportunity that arose in a sport so tough (due to the discipline it takes to be a consistent solid performer); the other tears at my heart as a young lady watches her dream erased; controversially stolen from her. And... Read more »

Olympics: Bulgaria’s Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev Still Has What It Takes at 39!!!

What an awesome display of dedication, of inspiration. A 39-year-old male gymnast making the event finals, at what…just about double the age of his peers, and on the still rings event, WOW!!! And in his sixth Olympics, unbelievable. Being one who knows this event at the upper levels of the sport, I can tell you... Read more »

Sports: Dominique Moceanu Tells ALL on ABC’s 20/20 with John Quinones

I had received notification on Facebook about Dominique Moceanu’s interview on ABC’s 20/20 through timeline updates (don’t get excited, I am only 1 of 4883 friends Dominique has). Being a former gymnast, coach, and parent of athletes, I was pretty interested in what she had to say as the buildup of her unveiling a family... Read more »