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Could Be A Tough "Look Back" For Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Brian Cushing, Manny Ramirez, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis, And The Like

To Reflect:  “intransitive verb to think seriously, carefully, and relatively calmly” as defined by MSN Encarta. It is a term referring to deeper thought over one’s previous actions or life experiences–at least that is the connotation I would like to use here. And it is something most of us are likely to do, at some... Read more »

Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel Supports Joe Lukens' Sports Leader Program: A Mission Toward "Virtue"

I recently received an email from a contact of mine, Juliet Cassell of The Educated Sports Parent, regarding a website and program she felt I really needed to check out. Knowing my emphasis on building the athlete from the inside out (and how important that is with regard to the choices and actions one takes),... Read more »

Freelance Writer and Contributor Patrick Hruby "Un-Vilifies" HGH Use, but Misses the Point

In a recent interview in ESPN’s The Magazine, an unnamed NFL player dubbed “Player X”–apparently an accomplished NFL athlete–lays claim to the idea that 40 percent of NFL athletes are using HGH to enhance their performance. As a statistic, this does seem a likely possibility, especially with the physical nature of football and with what... Read more »

The Debate Over Legalizing Steroids and Performance-Enhancing Drugs In Professional Sports

If you frequent my blog, it is likely you are familiar with my interest on the use (or misuse as I might call it) of steroids and performance-enhancement substances (PED’s) by athletes. I have written a number of pieces that directly or indirectly state my view on their use or give guidelines of where we... Read more »

Elite / Professional / Olympic Athletes And Steroids Go Back A Ways

All the current news devoted to MLB players Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriquez, Tour de France riders Floyd Landis and (alleged drug user) Lance Armstrong, and rookie NFL player Brian Cushing, would seem to indicate that steroid and performance-enhancing drug usage is a more recent phenomena. At least that is what one might think based... Read more »

Government Moves To Investigate Lance Armstrong, Subpoenas Documents

I have been debating for a while now whether the accusations leveled against seven-time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong are based on fact or a figment created by jealous competitors. Personally, I am not sure what Floyd Landis, or others, would gain by making fabricated allegations; that is unless you consider the possibility of... Read more »

Floyd Landis, Tiger Woods, Lawrence Taylor, Alex Rodriquez, Etc.: A "Tough" Life!!!

As a high school physical education teacher (former athlete and coach) at a prominent high school in the suburbs, I have the wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and debate thoughts with those of similar background. These are individuals in charge of, or involved in (at one time or another), successful high school athletic programs; some... Read more »