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ESPN Joe Tessitore's Statement On Michigan Punter Blake O'Neill

ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore’s much needed statement in the following video clip are right on point. They exemplify what anyone, with some level of common sense, is thinking. AND, you know what…I have something I would like to add regarding Michigan football punter Blake O’Neill’s mishandled punt and the social media backlash. Tessitore takes issue... Read more »

ESPN’s Radio Show “Hey Coach Tony,” with host Tony Fiorino, Discusses Title IX After Boy Breaks Girls’ Swim Record

On Tuesday, December 6th, I opened my email to find a note from ESPN radio show host Tony Fiorino (Hey Coach Tony) stating the following: “We all know that Title IX was originally created to allow for some equality between male and female athletes and the opportunities afforded to them.  However, recent events, like a... Read more »

Agree To Disagree With LZ Granderson In His Piece "Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don't care"

(Joel Saget / AFP/Getty Images / July 21, 2005) In a timely article by LZ Granderson, Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don’t care, at, Granderson discusses his feelings on how he truly does not care if Lance Armstrong was an illegal performance-enhancement practitioner. Albeit with a warning that teenagers should not be allowed to... Read more »

Poll on Terrelle Pryor, Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes, & The Sugarbowl

In continuation of my piece Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!, poll by

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!

So you want another example of how $$$$ have corrupted the deeper meanings that once brought pride to those who achieved great things in sports? How one’s sense of value and perspective get bent out of shape when financial rewards take precedence over expectations and “rules” of the game. You don’t have to look any... Read more »