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Pacific Legal Foundation Weighs in on Title IX and their Law Suit

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The above video further details the ongoing issue with Title IX interpretation and implementation at the high school level, specifically with high school sports. Weigh in (using the comment section below) on this important topic as the impact of what happens will surely be felt all across the country.

USA Today Highlights ASC Suit Against Title IX Enforcement

In continuation of my most recent post, Title IX and High School Sports in the News, last week’s USA Today article, Advocacy group plans Title IX lawsuit over high schools, states that the ASC (American Sports Council), formerly the CSC, will seek legal action against the Department of Education based on their belief that application of... Read more »

Title IX and the reverse discrimination argument

Guest Post From: Kristine Newhall The recent fight to restore men’s track at the University of Delaware has raised some compelling questions about administrative transparency, athletic department priorities, and–of course–Title IX. My focus here is on the last, specifically the discussion about the legislation that has emerged since the announcement of the team’s elimination in... Read more »