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The Future of Illegal Performance Enhancement

If the recent Lance Armstrong debacle proves anything at all, it shows us that there are athletes out there who will stop at nothing in order to WIN. They will lie, cheat, attack others (both in suit and publicly); you name it, all to protect the illusion of that “gold” medal…and all the trappings that... Read more »

Top Doping Agencies (WADA, CCES, USADA) "Challenge" UFC's Claim Of "Toughest Drug-Testing In North America"

In an article titled Fighting-Anti-Doping chiefs say UFC must get serious, the global news agency Reuters reported that: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship claims to have the toughest drug-testing in North American sport but doping officials disagree and have challenged them to get serious about ensuring their sport is clean.” However, it is implied throughout the... Read more »