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High School: Common Sense Prevails Over Absoluteness in School Sports Age Limit Rule

I would be the first in line to support the need for solid structure in sports and youth sports, specifically rules and expectations all must follow. It is the nature of athletics to be governed by some set of standards or guidelines. It is what keeps competition equitable, fair, and well…competitive. However, and something I... Read more »

High School Sports: Spina Bifida no Match for Niles North Pitcher James Fuller

This past April must have been inspiration month as another article about an athlete facing tough adversity (and many surgeries) to accomplish something most just take for granted―playing high school baseball. In the Chicago Sun-Times, a piece titled Undeterred by spina bifida, Niles North senior stunning foes on mound highlights the difficulties associated with such... Read more »

High School, College, Life Got You Down? Something Awe-Inspiring For YOU!!! Do Not Miss This Video!!!

Every once in a while I come across something that puts in perspective exactly what it is I support and encourage in students and student athletes. Something that not only tells a story but visually depicts the essence of a belief system, above all others, that gives deeper meaning behind one’s life, truly enhancing it.... Read more »