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Are Elite Level Athletes Born Or Made: Find Out Here!!!

Tony Fiorino (host of the Let Them Play radio show in Westchester, New York) and I had a great conversation this past Sunday regarding whether great athletes are born that way or become that way through efforts many don’t see. Several excellent email questions prompted our discussion. Listen in to the archived show and give us your thoughts.... Read more »

Great Athletes - Born or Made? Have An Opinion? Debate the Question on Tony Fiorino's Radio Show WFAS AM 1230, Let Them Play, Out Of Westchester, New York

Tony has graciously asked me to discuss the premise behind the two-piece article I recently published on my blog, Part I: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details “The Talent Myth” In Sports (Part II Here). The Premise of the article:  It is practice and opportunity that leads to athletic greatness, not talent. It should be a... Read more »

Part II: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

Continued support for Matt’s inferences in Part I, his questioning of the perception that inborn talent is the master of success rather than “years of practice,” comes from a variety of places. He details a “ground-breaking investigation of British musicians,” top level players who learned at very similar rates of improvement as their lower level... Read more »

Part I: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details "The Talent Myth" In Sports

For a long time now, probably since graduating high school, I have been a firm believer in the idea that high levels of success in sports are much more related to the amount of proper focus and effort one consistently brings to their training table, rather than the supposed inborn talent possessed. This would, of... Read more »