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High School Sports: Interest & Commitment Are Like Night & Day

Photo courtesy of Marquette University and Bill Gosse at “TeamScore” When recently perusing my Google alerts I came across an article by an acquaintance of mine from Wisconsin, Bill Grosse. Bill is the founder of Team Score, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “Educate, build character and raise the level of respect by creating... Read more »

Video Demonstration of a "True Champion"

My coauthor, Daveda Lamont, sent me the link to this youtube video depicting what she felt exemplifies many of the principles discussed in our forthcoming book Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Athletic Excellence From the Inside Out. I wholeheartedly agree! Dustin Carter truly demonstrates an awe inspiring commitment to becoming the best he can be.... Read more »

Do Not Miss: "The Long Green Line"

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to watch the award winning film, The Long Green Line by LGL Productions. A colleague of mine, a fellow teacher and coach, strongly suggested that I see it. He felt the film would help support and confirm all the positive things sports should be encouraging in others. Now traditionally,... Read more »