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Wrestler Anthony Robles Not The Only Inspirational Story In Town; Boise State Gymnast Amy Glass Certainly Knows The Score

Geez, how much inspiration can a guy take in one month. First comes that story of the one-legged wrestler from Arizona State, Anthony Robles, winning an NCAA Championship, then up pops another story about Boise State gymnast Amy Glass who launched a successful comeback from a likely career ending injury–a broken neck!!! Yes, you read... Read more »

Josh Hamilton, a victim, a villain, someone to be idolized, or something entirely different? You decide.

One of the first stories I published here on “The Athlete’s Sports Experience” at Chicagonow was about Josh Hamilton and his “comeback story.” The title of that piece, Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton: Great Comeback Story ?????, left it open for readers to decide whether his tale was one of triumph, a positive example for others,... Read more »

Texas Rangers' Josh Hamilton: Great Comeback Story ?????

It was in having a casual conversation on character (or lack thereof) and sports, possible endorsees for my forthcoming book, Becoming a True Champion (which certainly has a focus on character and integrity as a foundational principle), and the state of affairs with many high school, college and professional athletes today, that prompted an exchange regarding... Read more »