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Sports: “Legal” Performance Enhancement that Stanford Says is Better than Steroids

Some argue that human genetic athletic potential is nearing its peak. That, without allowing the use of chemical enhancements, improvements in athletic performance will need to be measured in thousandths of a second (or more) to see any difference, if they are to occur at all. Of course, one could argue it is not the... Read more »

Olympics: Blatant Cheating and Winning at the London Olympics Does Not Make a Champion!!!

In Karen Crouse’s recent article, Shades of Gray on Way to Podium, Karen discusses the limits to which athletes will go to “win;” in this case—cheating on the rules of the game. Using various known examples occurring in London  (from the disqualification of badminton teams to a purposeful cycling crash, and even extra dolphin kicks... Read more »

London Paralympics: Cheating to Gain an Edge Can Take Many Forms – Unbelievable!!!

As I shake my head in disbelief, I find it difficult to even process the details found in the recent article, Fake Handicaps a Growing Problem for Disabled Sports, from Spiegel Online International, let alone put my thoughts into words. Just reading the title turns my stomach. I mean, really!!! It is bad enough that... Read more »

High School: Process Over Outcome, Has America Forgotten?

Full Disclosure: This article is a re-post of a piece I did back in June 4, 2009 (and moved to my ChicagoNow blog on March 3rd, 2010) for my personal blog. I thought it timely as it is still something I see continuing in 2012 and beyond.   The first half of this post’s title... Read more »

Major League Baseball: MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use

The MLB is about to take a giant step forward with the new proposed contract between players and owners as they come to agreement on HGH testing. That’s the report out of the New York Times in Michael Schmidt’s piece, New Contract Will Enable Baseball to Test for H.G.H. As far as I’m concerned, this... Read more »

High School Sports: Integrity In Sports - What Does It Really Mean?

Integrity as defined by the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: “1:  firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility” A very interesting high school sports piece in Arizona’s Payson Roundup takes up the question posed in my title through their recent article, An outstanding example of integrity. In it author Max Foster... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Illegal Performance-Enhancement and “Life Time” Ban

In my last piece, Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use:  Yes or No?, I raised several questions regarding a life time ban from Olympic competition for proven illegal performance-enhancement, along with its philosophical ramifications at the professional, college, and even high school levels. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. poll by twiigs.com poll by... Read more »

MMA Light Heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski Talks PED’s

Over this last summer I have highlighted several pieces on illegal performance-enhancements in sports, including the very popular sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In several of those articles I discuss the idea that if someone in power really wanted to make a difference in the use of PED’s, they would do more random testing... Read more »

Conflicting Viewpoints on Steroids Clash at Boston.com

Follow @KirkMango In Neal Gabler’s article, The real trouble with steroids, Neal equates the use of PED’s to other legal performance-enhancement practices like “improved nutrition, weight-training, vitamins and other dietary supplements, even aspirin have all been used approvingly,” calling them “similar athletic aids.” He goes on to infer that science will someday bring safer, better... Read more »

NFL Testing For HGH

Follow @KirkMango The recent article in the New York Times, N.F.L. Says Drug Testing Will Be Rigorous and Frequent, was somewhat refreshing. I use the term “refreshing” based on the title and its initial implications, and the term “somewhat” because of what is detailed in the article. In a nutshell, the piece describes the new,... Read more »