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I love using that as an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. Easy to say, looks good on a locker room wall, but hard to achieve. It has to start with breeding togetherness that builds the trust we previously discussed. At a Positive Coaching Alliance event titled “Insights from Experts” Westmont University Head... Read more »

Bullying: Turn Bullying Into an Advantage…Just Like Taylor Swift!!!

A weekend or two ago, I was flipping through channels on TV looking for something my wife and I could watch while enjoying the take out we had just picked up (love oriental stir-fry). As I bounced around from station to station, I eventually landed on VH1. Noticing that Taylor Swift was on, talking candidly... Read more »

Bullied Bus Monitor: Cruel Bullying Gets Lambasted by Public Opinion, Demonstrates Power of People

I had toyed with the idea of posting a piece on the cruel, painful, and maybe not so uncommon, bullying that bus monitor Ms. Karen Klein was subjected to by school children while supervising on a bus in a suburb of NY. As important and poignant as the story is, it did not have that... Read more »