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A Story of Unimaginable Adversity…Dying Girl Lauren Hill Lives Her Dream

Every once in a while I come across a story that is so moving, so incredibly heartbreaking, and heartwarming, all at the same time, it leaves one speechless. The tale of Lauren Hill is just such a story. So touching….there are few words that would accurately or completely put into perspective the emotional turmoil one... Read more »

A Promise to the Dearly Departed Becomes a MISSION...the Jim MacLaren Story!!!

There are some stories that deserve to be told…shared and passed on from generation to generation simply because of the message they provide. Inspirational life experiences that stand well above the rest…creating a value all their own…making them a requirement to be seen by ALL as they depict the endless possibilities within the human spirit.... Read more »

SUCCESS…Lizzie Velasquez KNOWS It's Much More a Matter of CHOICE!!!

Of anything inspirational or motivational I have written, shared, watched, or experienced…this video piece ranks right up there at the top of my list. I STRONGLY encourage every single one of you to take a good look at what this young lady has to say (video below). She is certainly one who truly understands (actually... Read more »

Sports: High School Football Team Demonstrates How Deafness is NOT a Handicap

This past week my department head (Scott Lange) shot me an email stating that I might find the link he attached to be, well…interesting. And from my perspective, it was more than just interesting, it was inspiring. The article, titled “California School of the Deaf football team stuns league to win title, nearly lands spot... Read more »

High School Sports: Perspective in Sports is EVERYTHING!!!

My recent highlighting of inspirational sports stories has got me thinking…again. I mean, you have to wonder how certain individuals, athletes, are able to face such difficulties and still come out on top, finding ways to overcome the obstacles that stood before them. It’s a topic I have covered before, yet one I can’t stop... Read more »

Overcoming Adversity: Legally Blind High School Athlete Refuses to Quit

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I couldn’t possibly bring any more value to this heartwarming story than what the following video shows. . Many could learn a lot from this young lady, a lot!!! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Wrestler Anthony Robles Not The Only Inspirational Story In Town; Boise State Gymnast Amy Glass Certainly Knows The Score

Geez, how much inspiration can a guy take in one month. First comes that story of the one-legged wrestler from Arizona State, Anthony Robles, winning an NCAA Championship, then up pops another story about Boise State gymnast Amy Glass who launched a successful comeback from a likely career ending injury–a broken neck!!! Yes, you read... Read more »

Arizona State Wrestler Anthony Robles Wins Division I NCAA Championship With One Leg

Arizona State Wrestler Anthony Robles Wins Division I NCAA Championship With One Leg
It never ceases to amaze me how some athletes are able to find ways to overcome challenging obstacles that stand in their way. In fact, they don’t even see their circumstance as an obstacle but simply as a piece they must work through, even turning what most would view as something insurmountable into an advantage.... Read more »

So You Think It Can't Be Done: Paul Martin and Jim MacLaren Say Yes It Can!!!

Photo courtesy of Paul Martin I just love inspirational stories. Personally, I can’t get enough of them. Whether it is the idea of an underdog coming out on top, the seeming impossibility of the task, or that I somehow empathize with any athlete facing great adversity, stories of great difficulty simply draw me in. Stories... Read more »