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ESPN Joe Tessitore's Statement On Michigan Punter Blake O'Neill

ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore’s much needed statement in the following video clip are right on point. They exemplify what anyone, with some level of common sense, is thinking. AND, you know what…I have something I would like to add regarding Michigan football punter Blake O’Neill’s mishandled punt and the social media backlash. Tessitore takes issue... Read more »

Pittsburgh Steelers Outside Linebacker James Harrison Gives Back Sons Trophies

Wow…you certainly don’t read about parental behavior like Steelers James Harrison recently exhibited regarding the participation trophies his son’s received. In fact…it is much more common to see, hear, and read about circumstances where not enough is GIVEN to kids (as well as the “bad”  behavior, parental and athlete, we consistently read about). What…exactly…was Harrison’s... Read more »

Levittown, NY Student Enlists NY Jets to Ask Boy to Prom

I can’t help it…I just love stories like this. Demonstrates a genuine compassion for others…and that there are some positives to social media. Full story, from CBS Local, HERE:

A CHAMPION is born

There are many inspirational stories in life…the kind that tug at your heart all while demonstrating the enormous courage it takes to overcome adversity.  True champions…they are such, not simply because of the talents they were born with, nor are they defined by the championships they win. They are who they are, true champions, because... Read more »

A Story of Unimaginable Adversity…Dying Girl Lauren Hill Lives Her Dream

Every once in a while I come across a story that is so moving, so incredibly heartbreaking, and heartwarming, all at the same time, it leaves one speechless. The tale of Lauren Hill is just such a story. So touching….there are few words that would accurately or completely put into perspective the emotional turmoil one... Read more »

Lifetime Ban for PED Use in Sports Looking Like Only Option

In general…I am not one who supports absolutes. Too often we impose a black and white consequence that simply doesn’t take into account all that is encompassed in any given circumstance. The world simply contains more gray than some will admit. In addition…we all make mistakes, bad choices, at times, and it is important to... Read more »

Goodell and NFL HAD Access to Video of Ray Rice Knocking Out Fiancée

Watching NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell squirm a little during O’Donnell’s interview of him regarding the violent Ray Rice / fiancée incident, on CBS this week was, shall I say, uncomfortable. Not only was Mr. Goodell noticeably flushed, but I lost count of the number of times he blinked during specific questions fired at him on... Read more »

“Winning at All Costs” NOT Only Relative to PED’s!!!

When you read or hear the statement “winning at all costs”…what is the FIRST thing that comes to mind? It is likely safe to assume that most would focus their thoughts on PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). However, a winning at all costs attitude can take many forms…one of which was recently highlighted by Steve Delsohn... Read more »

Athletes CAN Make a Difference…Michigan State’s Adreian Payne Sure Does!!!

There are those who insist that competitive sports at its higher levels is simply entertainment, that setting positive examples should not be part of a top athlete’s role, that Charles Barkley’s famous statement inferring that athletes do not have any responsibility as role models has credence. Me? I am NOT one of those. In fact…I would state... Read more »

A Promise to the Dearly Departed Becomes a MISSION...the Jim MacLaren Story!!!

There are some stories that deserve to be told…shared and passed on from generation to generation simply because of the message they provide. Inspirational life experiences that stand well above the rest…creating a value all their own…making them a requirement to be seen by ALL as they depict the endless possibilities within the human spirit.... Read more »