A Promise to the Dearly Departed Becomes a MISSION...the Jim MacLaren Story!!!

There are some stories that deserve to be told…shared and passed on from generation to generation simply because of the message they provide. Inspirational life experiences that stand well above the rest…creating a value all their own…making them a requirement to be seen by ALL as they depict the endless possibilities within the human spirit.

Jim MacLaren’s story, one through extreme adversity, and a tale from which only the best feature length films are created, stands as one of those stories. A man told more than once, through circumstance, that what lies before him could not be done…it was impossible.

I was so moved by Jim’s life experience (when I first learned of it several years ago) that it has become a highlight in the inspirational speaking presentations I give to athletes, coaches, and parents. It is also a reference in my book Becoming a True Champion as it represents the epitome of applied inner will and determination. Make no mistake…Jim’s story IS the real deal.

Eventually, and inevitably, Jim's inescapable condition did take his life…and it is here where this piece takes you to a promise. One made by Jim’s sister (Jennifer Hippensteel), before his death, that his story not die with him…that it be told over and over to those in need of something more.

It is with this in mind that I highlight Jim’s story through the imbedded video below, along with the link to Jennifer’s mission to honor her brother’s request. A worthy cause filled with endless possibilities because of how it could help others.

Please take a look at the video, share if you like, and take the time to consider Jennifer’s needs in the link provided…be one of those who becomes part of MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

Jennifer Hippensteel’s Mission to Carry On

WARNING:  You will need Kleenex while watching this…I know I did…still do!!!

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