Olympic Athlete Diets Take Many Paths

With the Sochi 2014 Olympics in full swing, many may wonder what fuels these remarkable athletes. How is it these extraordinary competitors feed the enormous dietary requirements their bodies must have in order to excel at such a high level? For that matter…how does any dedicated athlete meet the nutritional needs their peak performance demands?

Those above questions are the focus of an info graphic titled The Skinny on Athletic Diets located on the Nursing School Rankings website. In it are numerous examples of caloric intakes and nutritional information regarding Olympic and professional athletes…as well as the USDA recommended daily caloric intakes for active adults.

Whether it be tennis, skiing, basketball, boxing or cycling…the dietary choices for a number of different sports and athletes are represented. For example (according to this link), did you know that tennis star Ana Ivanovic competed at the 2012 Olympics on a gluten-free diet…or that Hank Aaron and Mike Tyson are vegetarians…and that Venus Williams is vegan with her dietary choices?

This is definitely a link any athlete, parent or coach might want to take a look at.

(Note:  References for the listed information within the graphic are located as links at the bottom of the piece.)

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