Bullied Seattle Seahawks Star Running Back Derrick Coleman INSPIRES!!!

In a sea of negative media hype regarding athletes gone “BAD” (Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun, etc.), along with the recent wild rant of Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman, comes a heartwarming story of inspiration. This one from legally deaf Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman.

I could not possibly do the story the same justice that Diane Sawyer does in her reporting of two hearing-impaired 9-year-old twin girls who found Derrick's abilities awe-inspiring. If you haven’t seen this news report…it is a must see…take a look:

Let’s see…what we have here is a young man who was bullied as a youngster…picked on…frequently chosen last all too often…and “repeatedly told he could never make it in football”…so what does Coleman do? He goes out and MAKES it anyway…becoming “the first legally deaf offensive player in the history of the NFL.”

Ok…if THAT doesn’t say enough about him...how about this? Two young girls inspired by his circumstance (so similar to theirs)…one writes him explaining their commonalities and tells him to “just try your best” and that she “has faith in him."

 Aw man…the heart of a child…that’s inspiring in and of itself!!!

And Coleman, an NFL star, one intensely focused right now on preparing for the Super Bowl, he actually takes the time to write them back with wonderful words of encouragement. What an awesome display of giving back…of helping others in similar adverse circumstances, of helping to bolster the confidence of two young ladies and make a difference.

It is a true act of kindness, understanding, and commitment to paying it forward….WOW!!! Two thumbs up for Derrick Coleman as he demonstrates one of the qualities of a True Champion.

I wasn’t sure who to root for in this year’s Super Bowl (especially since the Bears are long since out)…looks like I now have the determining factor to sway my vote.


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