Much More Frightening Than A-Rod and Ryan Braun's “Lie” of PED Use is…

I wish it wasn’t true, but it comes as no surprise, that Ryan Braun lied about his use of illegal PEDs. And with A-Rod's suspension likely coming out today...he is in even more hot water, things are getting pretty messy. The abuse of these substances (at the elite level in many sports) has become so commonplace that it’s simply automatic to think the worst. In addition, the lies…well…nowadays, they just come with the territory as solid character and integrity seem to be nonexistent.

And it doesn’t stop there with Braun or A-Rod as they not only lied about their use (in one form or another), taking us and the media for a ride, but Braun also walked the Lance Armstrong path of destroying the reputation, credibility and character of another…just to support his deceit.

Yep…quite an upstanding professional athlete we have here…fine example for our youth. And it seems to me (based on Mr. Braun’s chosen direction), the only thing he is really sorry about is that he got caught. Sure seems fitting these days. And it would be my guess...that A-Rod feels no more remorse for his actions.

You see, aside from the lies and deception that a “winning at all costs” attitude helps to create, surely one both these athletes represent, there is an even bigger picture of concern; one I have most certainly alluded to on numerous occasions. It is the trickledown effect that this illegal PED use, and the behavior associated with it, has on our youth sports culture.

Now if you’re one of those who believes we should just allow professional athletes to use PEDs (along with medical regulation and oversight), basically decriminalize it at the professional level, then you might want to stop reading right here.

You see…it’s not just about professional sports and the entertainment value that provides (even though there are those contending that’s all there is). There is something else…something more.

In a piece at ESPN’S Outside the Lines by T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish (Bosch gave teens PEDs), comes a frightening revelation about young athletes and their use of PEDs. Not frightening in the sense that we didn’t know this was going on, because many did…but that young athletes are coming in with their parents in order to receive these substances, thus, with their parents’ approval.


Are you shaking your head in disbelief yet? If not…you should be.

The exact same clinic at the center of this summer’s PED scandal, Biogenesis of America, is also alleged to have provided PEDs to a number of high school students…some accompanied by their parents.

If the above video (and referenced piece earlier) isn’t scary enough, speaking volumes about the path we are headed down in youth sports…I’m not sure what does.

Geez, I’d sure like to know what sports book these parents are reading. I can only imagine the title:

Winning is EVERYTHING:  Ten Steps to Athletic Success and Prominence no Matter What the Cost,

or maybe,

A Youth Sports Guide to the TOP: Sacrificing it ALL to Win,

or possibly,

Modern Sports Parenting: The PED Path to Athletic Excellence.

It would have to be something like that…right? I mean c’mon, did any of these parents use even a sliver of common sense before walking their young athlete through Biogenesis’ door? To use the term “misguided parenting” in reference to them would be…well…an understatement to say the least. What the heck planet are they from???

I am not sure where any of you stand on this issue, but me…I am firmly positioned on the side of better tests, more severe penalties for users—consequences substantially higher than the awards/honors of said use, penalties for parents who help provide said substances and thus support/encourage their child’s use, and more positive involvement from elite level athletes, setting a solid example for our youth…ones who actually have the character to be able to do so anyway.

There are numerous reasons why illegal PEDs need to stay just that…illegal. The one discussed here, the trickledown effect, that’s a BIG one!!!

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