Sports Injuries Not Just a Summer Time Issue

I was recently contacted by Emma Roberts, marketing campaign team member for, regarding an interesting piece they published several weeks ago, titled 15 of the Best Blogs on Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids. She asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing the content here on The Athlete’s Sports Experience. I told her I would certainly take a look at what they published, as I thought the content, based on the title, would have good value for my readers.

Needless to say, the piece contained numerous links to articles on important sports-related issues from concussions and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears to the need for hydration, proper equipment, and injury prevention in a variety of sports. Information presented came from credible medical professionals, or was gleaned from medical websites or sources like the CDC, as well as from regular media sources and sports enthusiasts.

The links Summernanny presented were listed in three categories:

  1. 1.       Common Injuries in Kids
  2. 2.       Use the Right Equipment
  3. 3.       How to Prevent Injuries

Each of these categories had five links to articles pertaining to material specific to their heading.

Even though there wasn’t necessarily anything earth shatteringly new…the linked pieces contained important safety guidelines and/or information regarding safety in youth sports. Many parents will find good value in the articles in the cited piece, as I would recommend those who have kids involved in sports, especially those just starting out, peruse the various links available.

When it comes to kids and sports injury, you can never have enough knowledge, as prevention far overshadows the alternative. The only thing I might add is that proper safety is not just a summertime issue…it is an all the time issue. Winning, achieving goals, reaching one’s true athletic potential are all awesome things. However, they should never take precedence over one’s health and safety; particularly when there is information available that could help decrease the risk of bad things happening.

Nice job, Summernanny…thanks for the informative piece.

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