Olympics: Dr. Stan Frager, Dr. Joy Macci, Kirk Mango, and Trainer John Abdo, Discuss Their Take on the Olympics.

What a great experience, being able to discuss the Olympics with two sports psychologists and a trainer who have all worked with elite athletes. Our discussion not only focused on what it takes to become that good and what that caliber of athlete has different than others, but also the controversy with steroids and other illegal performance-enhancing substances.

It seemed that all four of us were on the same page as we tossed around those various aforementioned topics. If you weren’t able to catch the show then I would encourage you to listen in to the podcast link listed below. Dr. Frager, Dr. Macci, John and I don’t come on until 1:12:51 of the show, so feel free to move forward to that section. (Note:  takes 30 sec. to open)

Hope you enjoy the show and please don’t hesitate to leave comments if you’d like. Love to hear from you!!!

Link:        WGTKAM : Stan Frager Sun 806p-10p

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