Sports: Unsportsmanlike Conduct by an Adult (Coach) at its Finest!!!

With over two million plus views on YouTube, the recent video of a hockey coach tripping an opponent (two actually) during the handshake line at the end of the game has certainly gone viral. Take a look:

He was subsequently arrested after parents called police. According to this report at CTV News in British Columbia (Canada), charges for assault and possibly “assault causing bodily harm” are pending as one of the two students who were tripped broke his wrist.

My first reaction when I saw the video was to replay it as I could not believe that an adult, especially a coach, would act so inappropriately. eyes did not deceive me as I wrestled with the idea that just maybe, possibly, the coach slipped and it was an accident (as he allegedly claimed). However, third view through the video (even slowing it down, taking it in as close to frame by frame as I could), is a charm. It’s confirmed, this guy’s an idiot, a mental moron, and along with being charged (hopefully) with “assault causing bodily harm,” and with any luck convicted, he should never be allowed to coach kids of any age in anything. Lifetime ban, this guy is gone!!!

At least that’s my take on it, what about you?

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