Olympics: Bulgaria’s Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev Still Has What It Takes at 39!!!

What an awesome display of dedication, of inspiration. A 39-year-old male gymnast making the event finals, at what…just about double the age of his peers, and on the still rings event, WOW!!! And in his sixth Olympics, unbelievable.

Being one who knows this event at the upper levels of the sport, I can tell you from experience how hard this is. The amount of strength and control one needs, especially in an event that can (with one wrong move) send one swinging out of control at any moment, and the training that allows one to do what Jovtchev does, is simply awe inspiring. Incredible really, you just don’t see many, if any, competing in this sport, at that level, at his age.

The inverted cross, Maltese, L-cross to straight press to invert, etc., all level, heck…that’s tough for any gymnast at any age. Yet, Jovtchev makes it look like child’s play.

I did these skills, some in training, others in competition, and I can’t stress enough the difficulty of these moves. However, seeing is believing; take a look at Jovtchev in the last Olympics in Beijing at 35, his fifth Olympics.

Not bad for a 35-year-old, certainly no spring chicken here, and did you hear the commentator in the video?

“Wouldn’t it be great to see him in London, can you imagine that!”

Yea, imagine that. Simply Awesome!!!

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