London Paralympics: Cheating to Gain an Edge Can Take Many Forms – Unbelievable!!!

As I shake my head in disbelief, I find it difficult to even process the details found in the recent article, Fake Handicaps a Growing Problem for Disabled Sports, from Spiegel Online International, let alone put my thoughts into words. Just reading the title turns my stomach.

I mean, really!!!

It is bad enough that we have to hear and endure stories about athletes at the elite and professional levels making poor character choices regarding performance-enhancement (PED’s), aka cheating; now there is a growing trend of athletes trying to fake a disability in order to increase their chances of “winning.”


If that doesn’t prove, without a doubt, that there are serious flaws in the thinking of some people involved in our current sports culture (athletes no less), I am not sure what will.

What a complete loss of perspective, a “winning at all costs attitude” (and it pains me to even use the word winning here), that demonstrates how far down the “cheating” rabbit hole some are willing to go. And just for the pretense of winning.

Heck, I am still shaking my head after reading that linked piece above. Are they kidding?

Here, let’s see if I can make this crystal clear:

If you have to fake a disability in order to compete in events specific to that disability for which you faked, and you come out on top in competition, YOU HAVE NOT REALLY WON ANYTHING!!!

Any thoughts a person has that they have done well, after cheating like this, are based solely on a false premise that they actually competed against like competition. It is a tainted win, not really a win at all as efforts put in under these circumstances are completely wasted.

It still boggles my mind that someone, anyone, can actually stoop to this level of cheating and feel good about themselves. Oh so sad.

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