High School: The Good, Better and Best vs. a Master Coach

With summer fast approaching (and summer practices right around the corner) I thought it a good idea to repost what I believe to be important differences between coaches and master coaches, and all that lies between. (Original post - September, 2012.)


A coach is a teacher working toward giving their athletes a good understanding of the game along with the skills necessary to play that game. Mastery is not necessarily an objective, even though they are looking to help athletes improve.

The good coach works toward having their athletes master one piece of the game. Consideration is given to other aspects; however, the main objective for the good coach is the mastering of that one piece.

The better coach works toward having their athletes master several pieces of the game. To them, mastering more than one aspect puts them at an advantage over most others in competition.

The best coach works toward having their athletes master all pieces of the game; it is not enough for them to master several parts. For these coaches, no more importance is placed on one aspect over another, as they understand that all, together, support and enhance each other.

The master coach, the rarest of them all; they do all that the best coach does but with the addition of one distinguishing feature. A feature that few ever truly grasp. They inspire their athletes to do all this mastering on their own, thus, creating an environment where the coach, the team, and the goals they seek become one.

-Kirk Mango 2010


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