High School: A Wrestler's Awe-Inspiring Demonstration of Inner Will, Determination and Grit - Fine Example for All

Back in May of 2008 (on my original blog), and in March here on Chicago Now, I posted a short piece on a very special wrestler from Ohio.  One thing that made this wrestler so special was his willingness to take on what many would say were insurmountable odds to become a state contender in his weight class in wrestling - "go to state" as he put it.

I find this wrestler's story, as depicted in the video below, especially inspiring as it demonstrates the essence of several key conepts in my recently released book Becoming a True Champion. This particular video is one I have used on several occasions in the inspirational speaking presentations I give to athletes, coaches and parents, as it never fails to move the audience in several different ways.

The wrestler's name is Dustin Carter. Watch and learn what it "takes" as Dustin truly demonstrates an awe-inspiring commitment to becoming the best he can be. The path he chose and, most importantly, the process he will go through to travel this path will be of tremendous intrinsic value and reward to him no matter what happens.

Video of Dustin Carter

Trained by Scott Goodpaster the Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness

Produced by Landman Productions

Update: Dustin not only reached his goal of making it downstate, he made it to the sweet sixteen, and he did it in one of the toughest wrestling states in the country - Ohio. He also did  continue his wrestling career at College of Mount St. Joseph in New York. How cool is that!!!

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