Sportsmanship at its Finest - Can You Top This?

Over the last several years I have come across some pretty inspirational stories. My recent post on Chrysa Nowell fits that category nicely, as does the Jim MaClaren, Anthony Robles, and Dustin Carter stories. All very inspirational.

However, one type of story I don’t come across often enough are the ones that demonstrate the true essence of good sportsmanship. The kind of story having enough depth to bring a tear to one’s eye, but still warm one’s heart, because of the actions of others.

Below is my pick for the best show of good sportsmanship I have ever come across. Let me know if you think you can beat this one, as far as sportsmanship goes.


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  • Kirk,
    That is a really touching story. Thank you for sharing it. Some things are more important than winning. Like doing the right thing.

    Rob Currie

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    In reply to Rob Currie:

    Was from May 2008-- watch the follow up YouTube stories if you really want to see something fun.

  • Rob,

    Thanks for the comment. This truly is one of the best stories on sportsmanship I have ever seen. I am suprised I don't have more comments on this like yours.

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    Fantastic story, thanks for posting it.

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    In reply to Just Win:

    Here is more from the original story back four years ago when it happened.

  • In reply to Jerry Goldberger:

    Never even saw this story. First saw this as a news report somewhere in 2008 and looked up the video on youtube. Great story!!! Always will be.

  • Thanks Just Win, I thought so too. Talk about character and integrity!!! These young ladies have enough to give away some of theirs and still have plenty.

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    Kirk-- re your comment "I am suprised I don't have more comments on this like yours." It is because this story was from May 2008 and everyone and their sisters aunt saw it a hundred times. have noticed you like to re-craft stories as your own.

  • In reply to Jerry Goldberger:

    Jerry, Kirk isn't "recrafting" this as his own, he's sharing something that is clearly public content. You Tube videos are meant to be circulated. Services like Twitter, SymbleUpon etc. exist solely for the purpose of sharing others' content. Maybe the person under the rock is you.

    It would be one thing if your comment was just insulting, but Kirk is a published writer so your false implication that he is plagiarizing is dangerous. Just because you are tired of a meme doesn't make it "recrafting". Think before you type.

  • PS- Haha, autocorrect made StumbleUpon = symbleUpon

  • Hey Jerry,

    I never, ever insinuated, or claimed that this story is "mine." I did not interview the girl, record the video, nor have made any claim to them. The introduction of the story before the video is mine, created by me. After seeing this video on youtube, I was so emotionally moved by the story, I felt compelled to share it as a topic.

    The purpose of my blog is to make a difference in the loss of perspective and winning at all cost attitudes so prevalent in today’s sports and youth sports culture. This video, and the girls' actions in it, they depict some of the essence of what this blog is all about.

    At times, this will include creating my own material from scratch. More times than not, it will be initiated by a story I find and read from other sources. Those sources are always linked and cited. That source you linked to from CBSNews, according to the time stamp, ran on February 11th, 2009.

    I originally ran this same post June 12th, 2008 here: Good Sportsmanship through Character – A MUST SEE!!!

    Same story, great message, one I will promote year after year as young athletes, (and the parents of these athletes), may not have had a chance to see it.

    As I said, this is one of the most inspirational stories of sportsmanship I have ever seen.

    And just because one writes a commentary regarding a story that is in the news, or has been in the news, does not mean they are "re-crafting stories as their own." The only thing that is their own is their commentary on the original story.

  • Thanks for the support Jenna. Keep on keep-n-on!!!


    Kirk Mango
    Becoming a True Champion
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