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“Honor the Code” Pilot Program Hits Four High Schools in Central New York Area

Consistently, and at various times during the year, I make it a point to highlight articles, information, and my thoughts on alcohol use among high school athletes. Most of these highlights focus on high school athletic codes, suspensions of athletes for use of alcohol, sometime parental enabling for said use, along with a variety of topics... Read more »

Benefits of Competitive Sports Not Always Clear-cut, “The Intangibles”

Skill improvement, teamwork, work ethic, exercise; all aspects that come to mind when one is asked what benefits young athletes gain from a healthy experience in competitive sports. Other common thoughts (especially from coaches) include the learning experience gained from the sense of commitment one must have to accomplish team goals, and the determination, perseverance,... Read more »

New York Mets Jose Reyes Sets “Perfect” Example

Does that title catch your attention? Help give you some incentive to click on the link and see what the heck I might be talking about?  Were you thinking, “C’mon, after what just happened, Jose Reyes perfect example, really?” If that was your thought, and it is part of the reason you are reading this,... Read more »