One-Handed Football Player Walk-On Becomes a Star at Albany

Ever heard of Jim Abbott? The one-handed former MLB pitcher. How about Anthony Robles? The 2011 Division I NCAA 125-lb. wrestling champion who accomplished this feat with one leg. And how about Bethany Hamilton, I am sure you have heard of her. The surfer girl who had her arm savagely torn off by a shark, yet still accomplished her lifelong dream of becoming a professional surfer.

Awe inspiring, right?

Well…college football has its own current and remarkable story in Eddie Delaney. Originally a walk-on player at the University of Albany, Delaney has become a leader, a star, and a team captain for the Great Danes. That alone says volumes about this young man. Not everyone can accomplish what he has.

However, as you likely have guessed, this is not all there is to the Eddie Delaney story. You see, Mr. Delaney not only was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was in first grade, forcing him to play with an insulin pump strapped to his waist, he also was born with only ONE HAND.

Don’t miss AP Sports Writer John Kekis’ story, Albany's Delaney overcomes odds with just one hand, as he brings to life the obstacles Eddie was able to overcome to reach the elite level of college football. An inspirational story certainly worth the read.

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