Geneva H.S. (Illinois) Suspension of Football Players for Alcohol Use Seems Confusing

Actually, it is not the suspension of the players that is confusing, since they were charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor by Geneva police, but a specific statement in The Beacon News piece, Geneva players suspended for drinking, that is perplexing to me.

In that piece it states:

According to Geneva athletic director Jim Kafer, Geneva school policy only allows for the suspension of student-athletes who are ticketed, fined or arrested for underage consumption. Players who are on site but not disciplined formally by police are not in violation of school or team policies.

Needless to say, this piqued my interest since, generally speaking, most codes and/or policies include consumption as a violation whether police were involved or not. It is simply abnormal for school policy to indicate that discipline of student-athletes for underage drinking only occurs when athletes are ticketed, fined, or arrested for that offense. If they do, as that statement above seems to indicate, that would leave all other “consuming” athletes at the “party” off the hook.

It took just a few moments to Google Geneva High School’s athletic code. I just had to see if there was something in it that was indicative of what the article had stated. Here is what I found under CHEMICAL USE EXPECTATIONS/CONSEQUENCES:

“A student who participates in our ECA program is expected to:

10.   Not use/possess alcohol, other illegal/inappropriate chemical substances, tobacco in any form, paraphernalia for drug use; arranging for the sale or exchange of any of the aforementioned; or attempt to obtain any of the aforementioned at any time during high school career including vacation periods. Possession includes permitting the use of alcohol and other illegal or inappropriate chemical substances in one’s residence.

Hmm, nothing here indicating that violations of the code only occurred when one is ticketed, fined, or arrested by law enforcement. Did I miss something here? Anyone familiar with Geneva’s codes and/or policies willing to shed more light on this?

Oh, and one more thing. A one-day suspension from participation, in addition to (if accurate) only being able to apply that consequence if one is ticketed, fined, or arrested, hardly seems like a deterrent to the rampant underage drinking going on by athletes on many a weekend.

Just a thought here.


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  • I realize you're not an English teacher, but you are a molder of young minds ... your interest is "piqued," not "peaked."

  • English teacher or not, that is no excuse for the error. You are right, error corrected. Thanks!!!

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