Florida Youth Football Referee Physically Assaulted by Coaches and Athletes

So, you’re one of those who believes that all this talk about the loss of perspective in sports and youth sports, poor character and unsportsmanlike behavior, and downright “out-to-lunch” type actions that seem to be on the rise, are merely exaggerations by the media looking for a story (albeit sometimes true).

That the news media is blowing everything out of proportion and the negative youth sports incidents they report are just minor nuisances that tend to occur occasionally in the heat of battle.

And that there is no relationship whatsoever between physical confrontations between athletes, and/or teams, at the professional level and their counterparts at the youth sports level. The trickle-down effect is simply a figment of imagination.

Well then…I must insist you take a good look at these two accompanying videos before you completely make up your mind. At the very least, they will give you some food for thought.

And the athletes view:



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