USA Today Highlights ASC Suit Against Title IX Enforcement

In continuation of my most recent post, Title IX and High School Sports in the News, last week’s USA Today article, Advocacy group plans Title IX lawsuit over high schools, states that the ASC (American Sports Council), formerly the CSC, will seek legal action against the Department of Education based on their belief that application of Title IX rules to high school sports is unconstitutional.

The USA Today piece details very similar arguments to the ones pointed out in the SportsTribune article I highlighted on Monday. Bouncing back and forth from one side of the argument to the other, with the most impressive and articulate part coming from Fatima Goss Graves of the NWLC at the very end:

‘"Rather than looking at this as a zero sum game, they should be looking at ways to increase opportunities for both men and women."’

The question is, is that possible? I mean, can they increase opportunities for both males and females in high school sports without, at some point, having to cut opportunities for males in order to reach the proportionality that Title IX calls for?

It seems that there are two opposing forces at work here, especially since the reality of limited budgets would certainly put a cap on how much opportunity expansion for either gender could take place.

Me, I would vote for maintaining status quo for the boys and work toward bringing up opportunities for girls, but again, this does have budgetary constraints tied to it.

Which brings me back to the point I made at the end of Monday’s post, what exactly do we want “equal [equitable] opportunity” to mean? And once we figure that out, how can we apply this definition to “real world” situations in order to increase opportunity for one gender without diminishing opportunity for the other?

As of yet, I haven’t come up with an answer. Anyone else care to chime in???


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  • I think the equality lies in the grey area of boys vs girls here and no one is really seeing the issue. Sure they have a girl’s volleyball team and basketball team to rival the boy’s teams, but not all sports are equal like wrestling and football for example. Personally I think this should mean girls be allowed to play with the boys in whatever sport they feel they can excel in. If a girl wants to play football we should allow them to play. Sure there are some risks but come on, they are no different than if it was a guy, right? When I was a senior in high school we had a girl that wanted to play football, sure enough she got to play. High schools spend more on the boys sports then they do on the girls and that has been the standard since they allowed sports in school. Do I think this is fair? No. Cheerleading and pom-poms is not a sport, it is an art, like dancing! Do we need to change this way of thinking with regards to girls and sports? Yes. Will they change this? Not till enough people speak up. Why should this be a battle of boys vs girls? Boys have baseball and girls have fast pitch softball, are they the same? No. I could be wrong about my point of view and would love to hear why. Personally I am a girlie girl and didn't play sports till I was out of high school, outside of the stuff I liked playing during gym class. Now I am playing on two different softball teams that are co-ed! Sports are about team building and this is where most kids learn qualities to take with them into their adult lives. Let’s give them all a chance. If this means we add more sports for girls so be it! For schools to say they have no money is BS because they are always saying they don’t have money for books but they have money for football uniforms and buses to transport the teams! Pinch some pennies and give those girls a chance!!!

  • Thanks for the comment Brandi. Hopefully others will chime in and get this conversation going.

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    @ brandi the reason most schools dont let girls play sports with gus, is because then you would have to let the boys play on girls teams.

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